Northbound on a Prayer

I needed a new perspective, but first, I needed to be alone. I was now at a crossroads and there was no turning back. I had given up most of my belongings and was moving forward on blind faith. I didn’t want to be around people and thankfully I had the refuge of life in the hill country to avoid the general population.

I cried every day for a month, sometimes not even knowing why, I was heartbroken and lonely, stifled and limited. I felt an agonizing sense of dread each day, but there was always a subtle presence of understanding to be patient and trust in the process. The only commitment I had was a waitressing job at a resort just a few miles from town, I hated working there, but reminded myself I was on the verge of something really incredible.

But after another month went by I started getting impatient and had an almost demanding sense of urgency as I faced each day. I decided that I was ready to do whatever it would take to follow my heart’s deepest desire. It was in the middle of a typical hot Texas summer that I vowed to take the next opportunity that presented itself; I didn’t care what it was or where it would take me. I kept looking towards the West, had my heart set on Southern California, but something told me I would be taking the long way to get there.

It was only a couple of weeks after I had rooted myself in the decision to leave no matter where it was or what it was for that I received a phone call. It was from a past romance connection from my days working on the pipeline, he was offering me a job. I didn’t trust him nor did I still have any feelings towards him in any way, but something told me it would be okay.

The only problem – it would require me to leave almost immediately and travel 1,200 miles north, to West Virginia.

I put in 48 hours notice to my job, thankfully they had known from the beginning that my time there would be temporary and wished me well, I even received a Good Luck card signed by everyone, cupcakes, and a big send off. It was the warmest surprise I’ve ever experienced, as unhappy as I was working there, I truly did love the people and turns out, they loved me too.

I went home that night and packed, the next morning I put two suitcases in my backseat along with my beloved dog and cat, Dixie & Milo, jumped on the highway, and counted the miles to drown out the fear.

Two days later my new home was a rented travel trailer in Powhatan Point, Ohio.


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