Welcome to West Virginia

I was nervous about the long distance I was traveling alone, even though it was what I wanted, it was still scary. I was fearful of car trouble and every possible freak scenario I could imagine. I thought maybe if I considered even the wildest situations I would be more prepared to handle them. But just the idea of being so far away from everyone I knew gave me anxiety. I was completely alone, just Milo’s occasional whining from the backseat and the gentle breathing of Dixie beside me for comfort.

I stayed focused on every mile, my faith growing stronger with each state we passed through. The biggest part of the journey was  getting out of Texas, I think I held my breath a little when I realized I was traveling across country alone for the first time.

Crossing that state line was exhilarating though.

Before long we had traveled through Arkansas, made a clean sweep through Tennessee, shutting down in Elizabethtown, Kentucky for the night.

I regrouped and reassessed my life choices, the prior year had brought so much outward success. I was teaching yoga all over town, approaching my last semester of college, and felt like I was really contributing something valuable to the community. When I finally crossed the stage to receive my Bachelor’s Degree it all ended, just like that. It took a few more months before I accepted it was time to move on and then a few more before the universe conspired to make it happen.

As I sat in my motel room in the northern region of Kentucky, I silently accepted my milestone, it wasn’t what I had planned, but I would make the most of it and reminded myself it would be a memorable adventure at the very least.

The following morning we got up and finished the drive, arriving in Moundsville, West Virginia on a beautiful warm summer day. I met up with my old friend that I would be working for, even though it was kind of a strange arrangement, we were both pretty happy to see each other. After I had shaken off the initial culture shock of being in this foreign new place, I set out to find somewhere for us to stay.

One huge looming problem continued to plague my search, no one allowed pets. No one.

Ironically the place my friend was staying at were animal lovers, and also hungry for price gouged pipeline money. It took some coaxing, but they said I could stay with him. I was relieved to be staying with someone I knew, at least initially, but knew it wouldn’t last long.

We hadn’t technically dated because he was really just a rambler from Oklahoma, on a conquest to manipulate and ruin every girl that crossed his path. He succeeded for a while with me, but eventually I learned his behaviors and we stayed friends, we had an unusual bond that would dissolve and resurface periodically. When he called me to come work for him we hadn’t talked in months, for me it was a universal reminder that people come in and out of our lives for a reason.

This time, he was my ticket out of Texas.



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