Pricing a Dream

I readjusted to wearing a hard hat and steel toed boots quickly, reminding myself that I had just taken a giant step towards my Hollywood dream by joining this crew. I couldn’t wait to get my first paycheck, and literally, I hadn’t arrived with much money and the whole living arrangement required me to a pay a steep deposit to cover my tribe.

We made it through the first week without much grief; I was still struggling with the living situation and feeling very unnerved by it all. My landlords were even more watchful than I thought. They were constantly looking for every opportunity to get more money out of us. I was so naive, this married couple had me hook, line and sinker; they knew I would do anything to keep Dixie and Milo safe and sound. I agreed to do some work around their place since I was so broke, to pay off some of the deposit.

Sound asleep, I received a phone call around 3am Friday night, it was my friend and his buddy, needing me to come pick them up in Washington, Pennsylvania, a solid hour and a half drive from where we were staying in Powhatan Point, Ohio. I really didn’t have much of a choice, I plugged in the KOA campground information they gave me and drove across two state lines to pick them up. They were high on Crystal Meth.

Their outrageous state of mind was somewhat entertaining, but I was angry and mind blown by the whole situation. I couldn’t believe everything was already so stressful and dangerous, but I had to work with it, it was all I had.

The next day I got up and washed two fifth wheel travel trailers by hand to pay part of my hefty deposit. It was an all day job, my roommate was sleeping off his latest drug excursion, and I was just trying to make it.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed with struggle, but determined to remember the grandiose picture that I was aching to paint. I had been redirected to the opposite side of the country, but oddly enough, something felt right about all of it. I was learning how to survive, and with every obstacle there was a lesson, and with every lesson I was becoming wiser.

When I wanted to quit, I would remind myself that I was gathering tools and building character for the destination I was seeking.

It wasn’t always easy, but I devoured that truth.


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