The Battle for Understanding

Looking back on my West Virginia journey, as I affectionately refer to it now, I realize how much God was trying to teach me about the world. I’ve been aching to make my dreams a reality, desperate to make a positive impact, but had such a small view of what was really ‘out there’.

I felt like such a victim, so many hard moments were raining down on me, but now I know that’s just part of it, part of any risk you take in life. I kept waiting for a break in the storm, a time when everything would come together and I wouldn’t be struggling, I laugh now because it’s 3 years later and there are still struggles.

I’ve learned that if there is something you truly want, don’t be afraid to embrace the struggle, because it’s going to be there either way. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to become more, and always believe that there is a reason you are traveling the journey you are on.

As I sit in my beautifully remodeled camper, casually sipping my wine and reflecting on those lonely moments when I first arrived in the Northeast, I am thankful. During that time I didn’t know how to protect myself, I had no idea what my value was, and I was always fearful of what was next. I still have doubts and insecurities, but I’m glad that I’ve outgrown unworthiness.

The journey hasn’t gotten easier, but I have gotten stronger, and that has made all the difference.



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