Wisdom from the Mountains

My life in the oilfield has taught me many life lessons, but I think most importantly, I’ve learned the value of staying true to yourself.

I am admittedly naive when it comes to people, I only want to see the good in everyone and I am eternally flawed in believing that our world is actually a loving place. In the past six months, I have been blindsided by ulterior motives, ill intentions, and have even had the pleasure of meeting the ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ face to face.

For awhile it broke my spirit, made me feel weary and let down by humanity. I wanted to give up, so many times I’ve wanted to quit, but I knew I had to stand my ground or I would always feel bitter towards this chapter of my life. I know I’m reaching the end of a significant journey because I am beginning to reap the rewards of much anticipated wisdom. After months of uncertainties, small victories of surviving in a grueling man’s world, and accomplishing many personal goals, I’ve reached a new mountain top and the view is worth every step of this agonizing climb.

I’ve disappointed people in my life, and I have felt the let down of others too, but that’s okay. We’re just people. We’re not perfect. We learn as we go and I think that as long as we do our best, grow into new wisdom and let go of the past, that’s all that should matter. I can’t count how many times someone has called me weird because I’m not like them or I don’t seem to make sense.

That used to bother me, now I just laugh.

Rejection used to depress me and make me question everything about my self. Now I see it as an opportunity to walk away from something that doesn’t serve a purpose in my life so that I can be guided to something that does. Not fitting in is a thing of the past for me, now I let my free spirit fly and although I still get knocked down at times, I remember my wings. Everyone is different and we can’t live in fear that we will be unaccepted or hurt by others, instead, we should stay true to ourselves and everything God created us to be.

In the turbulent times, we must stand our ground, life is full of unexpected challenges that will define us by how we react to them. I have chosen to become stronger because I know I will need that strength for the journey ahead.

One day I will look back and this place will be a distant memory, I want to feel like I conquered this mountain, not that I was destroyed by it.

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