Success is a Journey

I’ve once again found myself living in the desert region of Texas, but have quickly established a fluid balance between working 60 hours a week, steadily developing my online business, and advancing my wellness practice on a daily basis.

I rarely talk on the phone or go anywhere besides the grocery store, my free time is limited each night and in the couple of hours I have to spare, I spend playing my guitar and researching new knowledge for my business.

Each day I wake up at 4am to run along the dark gravel roads of the campground, savoring my precious moments before my ride comes to pick me up. I never know what new adventure will be waiting for me as I transform into a welder’s helper.

Staying in the rhythm of my daily flow took a long time to master, but through all of the struggles, it has become the most delicious recipe for success. I’m thankful for the setbacks, the rejections, and even the harshest moments of starting over, all of those experiences have made the feeling of triumph that much sweeter.

I’m still building, but I’ve gotten far enough along this time that I know not to give up.



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