Breathing You In

It was my greatest heartache, a moment that I knew would forever change my life. I did my best to smile, to remember how blessed I’ve been for so many years, but I couldn’t escape the burning embers that had become a permanent element of my heart.

Then you made me laugh.

For a while you were my saving grace, small tokens of innocent conversation balanced out my grief and gave me permission to breathe again. Your presence became so bright it was like a lighthouse in an ocean storm; feeling it provided a safe harbor, a place where I could rest and gather my strength.

The unspoken moments of daily experiences had been infused with authentic enthusiasm, gently replacing the previous reminders of sadness and loss. Seeing you flowed into effortless appreciation, our vibe seemed to melt away the harshness around us. We realized we spoke the same language; our conversations were always ripe with possibility of quenching an endless thirst for something real.

You reached my soul in a way that mended the edges of my shattered spirit, and all of this happened just from knowing you, enjoying your presence, and breathing you in.

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