She’s a Glorious Mess.

I love that quote suggesting we have the right to be a masterpiece and a continuous work in progress simultaneously. What a relief, chasing that worn out image of perfection is exhausting and after years of pursuit, I've found is nonexistent anyway. Why are we always putting so much pressure on ourselves and each other?... Continue Reading →

Breathing You In

It was my greatest heartache, a moment that I knew would forever change my life. I did my best to smile, to remember how blessed I’ve been for so many years, but I couldn’t escape the burning embers that had become a permanent element of my heart. Then you made me laugh. For a while... Continue Reading →

Success is a Journey

I've once again found myself living in the desert region of Texas, but have quickly established a fluid balance between working 60 hours a week, steadily developing my online business, and advancing my wellness practice on a daily basis. I rarely talk on the phone or go anywhere besides the grocery store, my free time... Continue Reading →

Learning in Layers

From being a blonde headed construction worker to becoming a red headed cocktail server, living in West Virginia was undoubtedly one of my most adventurous chapters yet. I never planned on going there and had no idea what would happen when I did, but I'm glad I took the opportunity I was given. I traded... Continue Reading →

Wisdom from the Mountains

My life in the oilfield has taught me many life lessons, but I think most importantly, I've learned the value of staying true to yourself. I am admittedly naive when it comes to people, I only want to see the good in everyone and I am eternally flawed in believing that our world is actually... Continue Reading →

The Battle for Understanding

Looking back on my West Virginia journey, as I affectionately refer to it now, I realize how much God was trying to teach me about the world. I've been aching to make my dreams a reality, desperate to make a positive impact, but had such a small view of what was really 'out there'. I... Continue Reading →

Pricing a Dream

I readjusted to wearing a hard hat and steel toed boots quickly, reminding myself that I had just taken a giant step towards my Hollywood dream by joining this crew. I couldn’t wait to get my first paycheck, and literally, I hadn’t arrived with much money and the whole living arrangement required me to a... Continue Reading →

Curious Moments

Finally getting settled, at least for the time being, helped me rest easy that first night sleeping on the couch. I was there, we had made the long travel to begin this new adventure, and even though I had no idea how it would all work out, I had come far enough to find my... Continue Reading →

Welcome to West Virginia

I was nervous about the long distance I was traveling alone, even though it was what I wanted, it was still scary. I was fearful of car trouble and every possible freak scenario I could imagine. I thought maybe if I considered even the wildest situations I would be more prepared to handle them. But... Continue Reading →

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